Monday, June 27

Maybe I need to go abroad...

and learn to write in Hindi..
hit the link above ...check out the article

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my migration to the borrow from Virginia Slims....
I've come a long way baby...Emotionally....

July 2004 I started a novel....I had to. I couldn't stop it...It stopped at 25,858 words and two months later. I want to finish it. It's damn good, but I'm stuck. I just stare at it. I need help but I'm not really an easy person to help. So...I think I'm going to enroll in one of those UCLA advanced novel classes. (When I hit the lottery.) My I force myself to sit down with this book or do I shred it and get back to my screenwriting.

A writer writes is what I keep telling myself because other writers and non-writers...keep telling me I have to focus on one thing. A writer writes. And I want you to know how much of a major leap it is for me to refer to myself as such. Thank you family and friends for the support (you know who you are.) There's no way I can lock myself in like that....if I listened to the naysayers......The beautiful chldren's book my aunt and I just completed would have never been born.

At the time my Aunt came to me about writing a children's book, I had just completed the rewrite on my first screenplay....with strippers and prostitutes, drugs and a load of cursing. I was not in the frame of mind for a children's book at all. But I thought about it, because it was from my Mama's only sister. And I believe this beautiful book was channeled through me....I'm not a team player when it comes to my work...

Flashback - My video production class in college. I outright refused to work in a team...the professor threatened....I wasn't swayed....She didn't think I could pull it off....I did and she loved my completed 5 minute video on the process of doing something. I even gave a couple of other people in my class process of getting ready for a date......the process of making a in my dark days.....I did the process of commiting suicide ( I know) but the professor loved it and was an artistic expression...and I did it my way.....Flashback ends.

My aunt illustrated....I wrote and directed. She surpassed my expectations with her art and opened a world I had not tapped into. I'll post an illustration after all the copyrighting protection is in place. Next step......I have my very excited moments of raising funds and self-publishing and then my mood swings and I have the moments of despair and then it swings again....Find a publisher. It seems like such an ugly process and this book was a beautiful creation from me and my Mother's sister. I do not want this to become some kind of heart-wrenching journey. I've had enough of those.

I've been told ........Sometimes, something so traumatic can happen to us, we get stuck in that frame of mind.
That means I'm an eternal six year old. Who better to write for children then me. Some of my stuck at Six issues:
Afraid of the Dark.
Can't stand Bugs.
Love,Love, Love.(watched a few episodes last night) Wonder Woman, yes, with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. And wish they still made underoos...I miss my Wonder Woman underoos. My mother always made sure I had a Wonder Woman underoos in surplus. (Great memories.)
Just purchased "THE LAST UNICORN" a heartbreaking tale. I refuse to watch it until I have happiness in surplus. I have happiness but that'll pull the happiness rug right from under me(right now.)
I own more animated movies than a three kid household.
Love, Love, Love the Muppets ...and own all those From Space, Muppets on Treasure Island, Muppet Movie and so on and so forth and shoobee... doobee...
But I am grown...don't get it twisted....Life forced me to grow up...I just held on to some things.

So...I can't wait to go on a book tour with my Auntie Linda, reading to our little bright eyed futures.

I refuse to sell our souls for a book deal...

P.S....I do accept advice.