Monday, February 27

Good Eats

Asia De Cuba

Located inside the so-called trendy Mondrian Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood. Rumor has it, when the hotel revamped they fired all the brutha's who worked the door, because they were going for a certain look. That's right, I put them on blast because I noticed the change myself. But I digress.....

I went there for a birthday dinner. We ordered a bus load of appetizers and entrees and dined family style.

Stand out delights:

Butter Fish
Oxtail Spring Rolls with Mango Salsa
Lobster Mashed Potatoes
Plaintain Fried Rice with Avocado
Tuna Tartar
Calamari-banana salad

My Friend had to raise the dead to get them to seat eight people without the other two scheduled....ten in total...which I find to be a bit've got eight diners coming to spend a nice hunk of change...birthday cake already ordered in back..and you're willing to allow these people to leave in anger instead of being accommodating...If they wanted to obsess about something, they should've been focused on the condition of their ladies was an abomination to God....truly. I mean if that is how high society trashes a toilet....then the women who used the bathroom that night....wealthy or whatever, should be institutionalized immediately.

Once the buzz of the lovely Cabernet the waiter recommended, kicked in, I approached the hostess about the condition of the bathroom. I told her I was a travel writer who loved to address the condition of bathrooms in swanky restaurants and how I didn't want to mention the condition of their bathroom, because I enjoyed the food so. She was all.......Sorry and Oh my Gosh, Becky, and this never happens and yadda, yadda, yadda.....but seriously I've only seen the likes in a Starbucks in Times Square.

So....The hoopla of the food....Above average. The hoopla of the ambiance....average. The hoopla of a fancy, yet neglected and trashed bathroom.....Gross me out.

I'll go back....for the Plaintain Fried Rice and Tuna Tartar, and the waiter who suggested the smoothest Cabernet I've had to date (can't remember the name, dammit) but not for the "scene".