Thursday, August 24

Segregated Survivor


I think that is an awesome concept. I mean for real. Black, White, Asian and Latino. Dare I take a stab at who would win. I'm not going there. And I have to tell you, I don't think it would be the Black team. They will give it some lovely spice. Like pepper on eggs, but win...By any means necessary. I don't think so. It'll take a more desperate sort. Because if I was on Survivor, I most certainly would be the cause of my race being disqualified. As in.......I quit. Get me on a helicopter, RIGHT NOW! It might cause some kind of Slavery flashback of my former life and at that moment I'll need be flown to a W nearest wherver the hell they are. But, best believe, I would be offered another reality show faster than the speed of light. I'd call it something like "Dayna's Devastion". That could be the spin off.

Some NYC officials want CBS to pull the "Segregated Survivor" season....they are friggin' crazy and need to get a grip. This is America, a whole load of different races smashed together. There is always going to be an "issue". And anything from chocolate and vanilla ice cream to the President of the United States to a simple game of checkers or chess, has the ability to spark racial issues. Racial issues will cease when we've all mixed races so damn much that we don't even know what we are...We as in my Great-Grandchildren's grandchildren. Oh yes, that's where we are heading. No more African American, Caucasian and blah, blah, the very far future.....especially thanks to black men who these women (of other races) LURVE to death, out here in Cali. The speed of mixed mutts is being accelerated and I love it. I hope I'll be on my way back to earth as one of those mixed mutts hundreds of years from now. I'd like to be a part of it.

Anyways, I MUST buy a television because I most certainly will tune in. And if by some dumbass chance CBS comes under fire too much and pulls the series, I look forward to purchasing the box set.

The success of television shows rest on DRAMA...Segregated Survivor is DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!!!!
GENIUS. I had an idea for a pilot many years ago and it was called "Back to Africa". That treatment was too controversial for me to even go there on my blog. The title should give you an idea.

Folks need to relax, we've got bigger problems than Segregated Survivor. It seems a majority of Americans look for any excuse to flex their angst. Survivor won't create any racial issues that weren't already festering amongst the masses of underpaid, aggravated minorities in America. That's the problem. I can't wait to see it, if I could stand bugs and rodents and things, I would've even loved to have been on the show. In my lifetime, I wanted to be on The Real World and a VJ on MTV and have auditioned for numerous game shows, was even on a few (and won by the way)but honey, hanifala, I've never had the urge to go on Survivor, Amazing Race yes. Survivor....NO THANKS!

But I still love the concept and look forward to all the Flowers in, Americas Race Relations, attic to pour down on our heads, where we are then forced to start picking up scattered petals....BRING IT!