Wednesday, July 6


There is nothing better than an extremely talented musician, with cuteness to match....I, two days ago decided to check out this John Legend I hear so much about. I kept hearing songs on the radio and in all my (R&B) friends cars and at parties and so on and so forth...but like a frightened kitten who waits til' the coast is clear to ease from its hiding place to enjoy the bowl of milk set down for him/her...I must discover things in my own time. I have discovered, ya'll...... And am so pleased..the piano players have it. From Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow (that's right), to D'Angelo, Alicia Keys and finally my new found love...Mr. John the damn thing. I learned the words to "Ordinary People" in one day....not intentionally but I wore my new double-sided John Legend cd out...already.

I'm not going to break down each track....I'm no official (jaded) reviewer....I am a consumer....didn't call some company begging for a freebie....purchased with my HARD EARNED money...I have nothing to gain or Truth it is....I do suggest buying the album (he even has the lyrics- love that.) If you like only three songs on the album (you'll like more) you will still feel like you got your money's 'bout that?

I will say this about the one single I can't stop listening to.....even though it's been played to death...... If I had to go to the record store in search of the single "Ordinary People" I would have been willing to bet 2 billion dollars that the name of this song was "Take it Slow" and I would've failed to pay up on that one.

Most folks or most folks I know, have a Stevie Wonder box set or two.......I have every album re-released on compact disc.....Not mad at it.....pleased to have I am a collector....but.....the reason is not because I just went and bought up all the Stevie Wonder cd's. Many, many moons ago..while in search of a very specific Stevie Wonder song....I would buy a cd if the track's listed seemed like they could possibly be the song I just had to have..."AS" was the the song..I know it well and so do most...but before it was featured on movie soundtracks....Dayna was in search. Already owned, Original Musiquarium, hoped for the best....wasn't on there. Innervisions, Fulfillingness' First Finale were my first "on the search" buys and then you couldn't tell me it wasn't on Talking Book.......I knew I had home discovered a plethora of beyond beautiful songs.....Knew it wasn't on Hotter than July (already had that one cause' my favorite club cut...All I DO)..... couldn't find the song I thought was called "ALWAYS" would've bet 2 billion on that one as well......would have lost as well.....and I'm almost ashamed to admit because it just seems like something a child of the 70's should pop out....knowing.....of course the song was on Songs In The Key Of Life.....things seem so obvious later......This translates as a sign as to what's to come for John Legend.... He is on his way....and good for him....and I look forward to being taken on the John "becoming a" Legend train...

And now I know how the universe looks out for Sistah' Dayna.....I was expecting to see John Legend open for the talented and beautiful and kind in nature, Alicia Keys, memorial him dearly.....he's a gifted artist......Common......nice and all....but had I jumped on the John Legend bandwagon before her concert and was all aglow at the thought of actually getting to hear John Legend live and Alicia one night....on one stage.....I would have been devastated....instead I was allowed to enjoy, Common, without the grumpiness of LEGENDARY disappointment....Thank you, John, for practicing on that piano and thank you, Kanye West, for helping get the brother a check for his talent (cause' it suffers when you have to wait tables.)

FREE LIL' KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they seriously try to break a sista' down and a sista' sure made herself easy prey.....
Is there that much space in these correctional facilities? I'll Give the woman a fine and house arrest ....damn!!!!