Thursday, August 11

Peeping People

This guy receives a citation for trespassing on Brad Pitt's property. Very obnoxious move on that kid's part. That's exactly what he is, some 23 year old kid working for People Magazine, who thinks he can do anything in the name of career advancement. If People magazine had nothing to do with sending him to violate Brad Pitt's homefront then he should be straight out fired. Made an example of. I like Brad Pitt and I understand his "bidnezz" is hot news and I read the articles in People magazine like the next guy but resorting to trespassing on a celeb's property to watch them with a set of binoculars, is outright WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Over the top and a bit creepy.

Has People magazine really resorted to arming their Peeping Tom soldiers with binoculars and addresses or did the boy act alone. Me thinks a little of both. Just a little speculation on the part of me. Not accusing, just raising my eyebrow in "THE ROCK" fashion. If it turns out he was out on "assignment" then People magazine should be fined......BIG TIME!!!!
Humans have the tendency to be rude and belligerent for no good reason on a day to day basis, but armed with binoculars, digital cameras and title of "journalist on assignment"'s like a get out of jail free card for jackasses. I imagine you have to be a special kind of person (borderline stalker or coldhearted S.O.B.) to accept a position like this anyway. To procure photos at any cost, even a person's life or worse...endangering their offspring, is some career. I understand celebrity status means you sacrifice a certain amount of privacy...if no one wouldn't get paid, but in PUBLIC not PRIVATE. If Brad Pitt is sitting in Starbucks or Mel's Diner on Sunset then he's fair game...Sorry but he and any other CELEBRITY out in PUBLIC is fair game. Fair game meaning a photo taken from afar, without disturbing..not shoving a camera lens down some celeb's throat or chasing them into the street or down an alley or wherever.

Moment of Silence for ridiculous Paparazzi behavior..

this was actually a good one........Brittney Spears
this was rotten....Reese Witherspoon

and the most tragic..
Princess Diana
(even though me suspects a little foul play, the paparazzi set the stage for the tragedy)

On a nicer note.....I spend at least 50% of my "on the clock" time in Staples. Today as Elvis Costello's "Everyday I Write The Book" poured into the atmosphere through hidden speakers, it had a lovely influence on all the Staples, white, whatever...we all swayed and sang together...seperately in our own little worlds. I wonder if anyone else noticed.