Friday, August 19


I finally watched "TROY". I tried to get to the movies to see it on the BIG screen but a sista' works, so I straight out bought the DVD based on my faith in Brad Pitt and (former) faith in Orlando Bloom.

Again I'll say, blessed are those who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed. I expected a lot and "Troy" was definitely a lot. I think hollywood should try telling these Big Budget Directors, they have 50 million less than they really do, let them dig into the depths of their talents to get creative and stretch the budget and once they are a quarter of the way through, give them their extra 50 million.

Ummmmm....I don't know if this is just an emotional time in my life or what but I loved Brad Pitt as Achilles and cried (yes cried) when that damn heel showed its vulnerability.

At first I felt like "Troy" was this big budget movie where they had too much money and just threw big sets, flashy lights and some superstar talent into a big cauldron and prayed for the best...I kind of still do feel that way, even though overall I enjoyed the flick. And thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of that damn Brad Pitt. Damn!!! He really is good at what he does and just so happens to have looks to match. And I don't know what he was on for that body but....whew. Brad Pitt might have been Achilles in his former life. He just "became" for me. And only Mr. Pitt, could get away with making those weird fighting moves look believable and admirable. But I digress... The Director did get lucky because the players and some of the great lines in "Troy" act as soothing ointment for the minor and major irritations on the force fed a story instead of being allowed to naturally flow with it and being expected to swallow, Paris and Helen's weird love.

I went through many emotions....and my opinion on the quality of this movie kept changing throughout. I was angered at one point because it felt like the viewers intelligence was being undermined by the need for the makers of this movie to make an instant Epic. And softened everytime Achilles entered frame. Not (just) because Brad Pitt is beautiful but because Achilles' character was tormented and interesting and well done, well done Mr. Pitt.

Orlando Bloom as Paris
Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy

This couple was awful, straight out awful. They really softened ole' Paris up. I mean he was like Hector's, closeted little brother who pretended to love the ladies in order to throw people off. Orlando Bloom is much more macho and sexy as an elf.
and Helen of Troy...a man brings his country to war over a woman who posesses an innocent and pure quality (like Achilles' love interest). Not for a girl who (although pretty enough) posesses an underlying hooker presence (is that too harsh.) I don't know if it was an intentional mistake or the make-up or what they were going for but, she really gave off a semi-evil aura. I felt nothing for her and sometimes forgot Paris and Helen were in the movie (overshadowed by Achilles and his fine ass like a mo'fo.) And I caught myself rolling my eyes everytime the closeted Prince and his Dominatrix returned to frame.

Breakthrough performance: Eric Bana as Hector (what!!!) He was friggin' great, his wife was great. They were great. A beautifully believable couple who you could feel sympathy and love for. That Eric Bana really put his foot in his role. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance and found myself hoping the end for him I knew to come, would somehow, really not happen. It happened and I was broken up about it.

Nothing touches......Achilles and Briseis
Being a girl....I had to drift away on a romantic whim about it...had to do it, but I kept getting smacks of reality from that pitiful Paris & Helen hook-up.

In closing......the movie was too grandesque...Had it been done "Batman Begins" style, it would've been spectacular, instead it was more of a spectacle. There were some good scenes and some sappy sucker sweet scenes. Some really great lines and some corny ass lines....or lines delivered in a corny ass manner (not Brad Pitt.)

There was a profound line about war "Old men talking and young men dying." Damn if that's not true, right now!!!!!

I like the movie (loved Achilles and his tormented soul) but I'm still disappointed because it's obvious to see how great it could've been. But best believe I'll watch it again...and again (and maybe skip the Helen & Paris scenes).