Tuesday, August 23


From the first viewing I must say this movie was well done and simple, plain out, undeniable comedy. . I laughed out loud the folks I went to see the movie with laughed out loud. At the end of the movie everyone clapped.

This was a dangerous attempt at comedy and ....It worked. I feel like I need to see the movie again, not to laugh hysterically but to make sure it was as funny as I thought it was. For example..."Something about Mary", when I saw this in the movie theatre I laughed so hard, the friend I was with got a little annoyed. She gave me the "It's not that funny" look. But to me, it was. After the film was released on DVD and I watched if again, I didn't find it nearly as funny. Nowhere near. Sometimes I can get swept away by a full house of wide-eyed movie goers, I get caught up in the mix. Sometimes.

I enjoyed the director's wife's as bar girl, performance immensely. I'd like for dramatic purposes to be able to say "She was terrible, lucky for her she's the director's wife." But in all honesty I have to say..... She pulled her weight something lovely. Sliding into the role of "drunk and damaged goods" in a very comedic way. There's a little bug in my ear whispering that this movie really might offend me more than tickle me when I see it again (some of the male views were a little disturbing). I know for sure it won't have the lasting humorous effect on me as Old School had but it made me laugh more than Wedding Crashers (though Christopher Walken has the ability to make a movie worthy).

I'm not mad about giving up two hours of my life for 40 year old virgin. Funny movie. I'll add it to my DVD collection just for the end of the movie and the Bar Girl's drunk driving scene.