Tuesday, July 4

A Holiday Ode to Julia Roberts

I stopped in Connecticut for some mystic pizza
Making me late for my best friends wedding.
A grand affair for america’s sweetheart
Whose favorite catch phrase is, I love trouble.
Her fiancé let us all in on his conspiracy theory
While she defended her case like erin brokovich.
She reluctantly confessed to sleeping with the enemy.
Still hoping for the chance to become a stepmom
She forced some tears to get herself off the hook
No longer under the spell of her mona lisa smile
His heart was as hard as steel magnolias.
Refusing to be known as a runaway bride
She professed her love while moving in closer.
He turned and fled to notting hill.
Leaving us all with something to talk about.
Left all alone, she cried like she was dying young.
At the end of the day, I guess everyone says I love you
When looking into the eyes of a pretty woman.

God Bless Julia Roberts!!!!!!!