Friday, June 30


Three words....

An Instant Classic......As far as I'm concerned.

My love for Superman takes me back to my childhood. A time where I found refuge from adult angst and pain in the fantasy (but really real) worlds of Paradise Island and Metropolis. Wonder Woman and Superman were my subconscious saviors and 28 years later I still find comfort in these heroes and their make believe worlds.

So going in, I thought.... No one can top Christopher Reeve as Superman. And how dare they attempt. Arms crossed, lips twisted, standing my bullheaded ground as I was herded into the theatre with the rest of the cattle-like, eager movie goers. Who later proved to be rude, loud fools who just wanted to see some ACTION! Not interested in STORY! Well then go see X-men 3, all the bang, bang, fire and explosions a kid could hope for sans the depth.
So holding my breath as the house lights dimmed, I began my journey into the reincarnation of Superman 2006.
I stand before Warner Bros. and Bryan Singer....humbled, quieted and pleased as punch at the return of Superman. Bravo and well done. Bryan Singer is one hell of a director...he takes the impossible and makes it flow like water over pebbles in a river. For example...X-men and X2. His sensitivity, unlike Luther Vandross' song, does not get in the way, it actually helps him to create classics in the new millennium...How nice. Here is a movie I'll be able to sit down and watch, happily, with my (yet to be conceived) children.

Kate Bosworth as Lois scared me initially....bowled over, post viewing of Superman.
The dude who played Cyclops in X-men, James Marsden as Lois Lane's man.......disturbed initially as he is like an Orange County, weight obsessed, spoiled boy Cyclops in X-men, turned out to be quite the capable suitor, in Superman.
Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther.....Good in theory, Great in the can (on film).
Parker Posey (love that name) as Kitty, Lex Luther's partner in crime, wasn't to shabby either.

and Mr. Brandon Routh as, author did it. You were able to make a blue and red spandex suit look normal, good even. Small number of humans who can do that.
I laughed, I cried, I was pleasantly surprised by plot twists. Goosebumps and chills ran through my body as Superman did what he does best....Save foolish humans who, in the face of danger, freeze like Deer caught in headlights.

I intend on seeing it again in the imax theatre, far from the hood. I went to a hoodrat theatre in Brooklyn and honey child....cell phones ringing, babies crying, loud brotha's commentary, bags of (not theatre) food rattling and the two girls who sat next to me who I guess never learned the ever so gentle art of whispering, was way too much for this serious Superman fan. Seriously. And let me just add....if you can't go two hours without checking your cell phone then you are into some serious s&%# and might want to consider, NOT, attending a movie, EVER. Turn the damn thing off and leave it's two little hours. Obstetricians and Cardiologists are excused.

After the credits started rolling, a young brotha' who I'm sure is still pleased with the laughs he collected in the theatre earlier today, hollers out...."Batman was better" and all the uneasy followers of the crowd laughed, long and hard.


Yet still, Superman was a pleasure. A brand new bundle of joyful entertainment. I look forward to more. Ahhhh it's always nice to have something to look forward to, necessary for the soul.


Pay Bryan Singer whatever necessary to have him direct Wonder Woman.....pahhleasssseeeee.