Thursday, December 22

It's like everybody's on some kind of Sex Drug

or drug to make them feel sexy in South Beach, Miami(me included)....and I lurve it.

It's Humid and death and I lurve it.

Beautiful and naturally bronzed bodies crowd the streets and clubs....and I lurve it.

It's a place where a guy can walk down the street, arm around his woman while staring another woman down, without being slapped, and a woman can dance with another woman's guy and it's all good for that night....and I lurve it.

South Beach was the first leg of my strange voyage....I was there one night..December 17th...stayed at the National (actually, my luggage stayed there.)

First club stop Mango's...where I was immediately grabbed up by a hostess dressed in a wonderfully scandalous outfit(if ya got if flaunt it even if ya think ya don't ...still flaunt it) who escorted me through the crowd up to the VIP section..she whispered to me "You'll like it up here better". Got my VIP hand stamp and continued on....and she was sooooooooo right. Good Lord. The downstairs area was for the nerdy tourists. Upstairs was for the real deal, the "We didn't come to just watch", folks....that would be me. It was great. Danced, and danced and danced.

I drank all of four beers over a six hour time span yet felt so lifted and relaxed....high off the humidity and sexiness of the whole scene.

And after club hopping and dancing and blah, blah, blah....the cherry on top....finding a pizzeria with delicious pizza, open at 5:00am in the morning...and it was as busy as it might be at lunch time on a random work day.....and I lurve it.

Finally made it back to The National hotel at 5:30am...up at 6:30 and in the lobby by 7:00am...getting barely one hour of sleep before the rest of my very busy sleepless voyage began. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Alternative Scenario of my one night in South Beach had I opted to be a stick in the mud... I would have gone to the hotel room...gotten in the bed to try to force my completely sober ass to sleep well before it's time....twisted and turned until the throbbing pain in my restless legs foced me to jump up and scream with sleepless frustration. Thanks to one of my PA Brudda's..Jay Gon, for getting a sister up and out of the usual. My one night in South Beach was da' bomb.

South Beach is just an unbelievably sensuous don't even notice the goons and nerds who come to gawk because your too busy gawking (or being gawked at)....and I swear fo' God.....I lurve it.

It's the Latin Persuasion that does it...a slew of men and women who aren't obsessing over their looks...because they were born that way.....and I lurve it.

Uninhibited humans, free of all that crazy self scrutiny we're spoon fed in America. Believe me, I swallowed a big healthy serving of my looks (and dark skin) are ruining my life, when I was a freshman in high school...talks of a nose the great words of my friend Luis "child bye". That stupidity lasted all of a month. And though the claim is so much "beauty" in LA....It's actually more like a beauty side show, were you pay to get in the tent and see the ridiculously enhanced woman.

All ye women of Los Angeles and those who have adopted their surgically cosmetic enhanced ways.....Beauty really does come from within...I swear it does. And wrinkles plague those who carry jealousy and envy in their hearts. When you're always walking around turning up your nose at something or someone for no good reason....No amount of cosmetic surgery can reverse that wrinkle in your soul.

If I could mix the price of homes in New Jersey, with the dopeness of New York City, the weather and sexy feel of South Beach with the space, location and entertainment focus of Los Angeles... I would be as content as an Ant in a sugar least for a good while. More on the voyage later....