Saturday, January 7

Welcome to JamRock

My computer has crashed and burned....Not good timing in my financial I'm straight blogging from the Apple Store. I have to make this quick because I feel like all these sprocket like apple sales people are staring at me.

I had to post about one of my newest musical loves.....Damian Marley. Wow. WELCOME TO JAMROCK is the name....something for everyone is the game. I can listen to this guys entire album without skipping a single song...that is an amazing feat in itself, as I love Bob Marley's music but I'm not really the banging Reggae fan. Seriously...this guy is really doing the Marley name justice and he's quite the good-looking chap as well. My favorites.....Welcome to Jamrock and Beautiful ( featuring Bobby Brown). Even with it featuring the man who holds my dear Whitney it..and I mean love it and hope to receive the sentiment in Beautiful from someone one nice that would be.

He's got a great song called Move! Samples Exodus. And my friend who gave me the heads up to pick up this great CD, thought homeboy was saying Pixie dust...Instead of Exodus....Oh my God...Becky! She was steady singing and I asked her what she just said and she repeated herself loud and clear....Pixie dust. I'll give her half a break as this is the same friend who back in the early 80's thought Jermaine Jackson's song...Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming.....was more about sewing...."Cutting out my trimming" was her version.....but I will leave her nameless because of the Pixie and Exo.....Dus.....t incident. People have to be given the space to come into enlightenment on their own. I have to remember to ask her what the hell she thought Pixiedust was about. Movement of Jah's people to Never never land maybe?

Every song on this beautiful Welcome to Jamrock, is great in it's own. And I mean music, lyrics a whole package deal of depth and pleasure. Okay Security just moved closer to me. I have to stop because I'm too paranoid to enjoy this blogging moment. How nice would it be to be able to purchase one of these lovely Powerbooks today. Oh well...the sacrifices I make for following my bliss.....this is one of them.

Check out Damian Marley's new cd....He's even got a cut with lovely.

Must go. Can't take the glares.