Wednesday, October 26

Rosa Parks

One of the most vital women in civil rights history.

My Great-Grandmother turns 92 in a few days and not until the news of Rosa Parks passing did I imagine.....Minnie Pearl (yes that is really her name) my favorite woman in the world...who took me in at fourteen years old and cared for me like I was one of her own....being denied a seat after she worked no less than 12 hours cleaning and cooking for other able bodied but wealthy folks, just to go home and cook and clean for her five children and husband...actually being denied a seat or asked to get up for reasons I care not to mention...Dude. How beyond horrible. My heart is racing as I type this thought. I have to go call my Great-Grandmother and then go listen to some Run-Dmc and Public Enemy to channel the angst into calorie burning air boxing.

How important it is to stick to your guns and stand (or sit) your doing so, you might make your mark in history and change the lives of many for the better.

Me <--------Taking a page from that book and trying to do the same.

Thank you Rosa Parks. God Bless. Rest In Peace.