Monday, July 25

Stinkin' Starbucks

1 out of 5 Starbucks stinks? You heard me. Stinks..What is that about? I would like to go sit in a Starbucks and sip some gross burnt coffee like the rest of the writers out here in LA but....they stink. I can say 1 in 5 because, working as a production gopher, you best believe I have been in 70% of the Starbucks out here in Los Angeles and New York. I think it's a combination of a few things but mainly..and this is just a guess, it's whatever they use to clean the floors with. I hope that's part of the reason otherwise there is no rhyme or reason. Am I wrong, or is the draw of hanging in a coffeehouse the beautiful aroma of those yummy and addictive coffee beans.

That's the draw for I 'm on a search for a comfy (close to my home) cozy coffeehouse where I can sit and write and sip and people watch. I do go to the beach and write but my laptop runs out of juice to quick and I like to mix it up, (not to mention the parking situation out at the beach.) It's unfortunate because you can't go three blocks without stumbling across a Bucks of Star, but until they work on the sour mop aroma, I can't get with them.

and by the by....How about that Lance Armstrong
I'll admit, I could give a rat's tail (usually) about the Tour De France, I can't lie for the sake of being interesting, but a human, winning a major (incredibly hard) competition like this, seven years in a row....he didn't lose one year and then come back to claim his title..he straight won and won and won and won and then won and won again and won one last time, just in case you questioned his skills.
I might have to pick up a book on his life because he's not only this incredible cyclist...he's a cancer survivor..He's one of those beat incredible odds by all means guys and I love those kinds of guys (and girls.)