Tuesday, August 2

On and On & On and On

just when I think I can take no more...

My cipher keeps movin’ like a rollin’ stone.

It is quite nice to move in several circles of friends. I have found a circle of sheer heaven out her in Cali. On July 30th, Saturday night around 11:30pm in Hollywood, I found myself sliding around back to what looked like the entrance to a port-o-san. What it turned out to be, was this little hole in the wall club. Hot and steamy with a DJ, actually spinning records. Jamming.....In my island orange dress I couldn't help but sway and sweat with the crowd. Too bad the club fun ends at 2:00am here in LaLa land. It was a great night and great morning. Okay, there might be a light at the end of the Los Angeles tunnel and I'm easing on down the road towards it.

Keep hope alive.