Friday, September 23

My Adidas

It's Nike over Adidas, Coke over Pepsi and it used to be AT&T Wireless over Cingular and though my contract is still with AT&T, Cingular Wireless has acquired AT&T Wireless, so there goes that choice(come back AT&T, Cingular is doing way to much) I'm serious about my loyaties to specific evil empires. Pepsi is not an acceptable offering if your restaurant doesn't carry Coca-Cola. I'll have water with lemon instead.

I have never bought an Adidas product in all my 33 years of life and thanks to a smart manager of the Adidas store who offered our film crew a 30% discount when we filmed in front of his store, I purchased my first pair of Adidas shell top sneakers (shoes?) just like RunDmc. Girl version with Tarheel (baby) blue stripes and matching socks. Yeah Boyeee!!!!!! Today is the first day I've slipped MY ADIDAS on. I feel like a retired rap star. So...being a serious Nike girl, I must give my opinion on these new sneaks.....this New Era of mine. I feel like I'm cheating on Nike.

So far...these aren't the most comfortable sneakers or maybe they are considered Tennis shoes and I have to break them in. I'm not used to breaking "Sneakers" or "Tennis Shoes" in but these mama jamma's definitely feel more shoe-like. As the day progresses they are becoming more tolerable, I'm even starting to forget how bad my pinky toes were hurting in the beginning. I tried thinner socks....hurt more....needed more cushion so I have on thicker socks thus pushing my poor pinky toes closer to the walls of these cardboard and steel sneakers. They are definitely shoes for show and they do put on a show. They look great but so far they really do feel like a pair of shoes (sneakers) Frankenstein might like and will be rendered null and void as soon as the beautiful "New" glow is gone. ie....some fool steps on my kicks. The appeal is the NEW. Dull, scuffed up Frankestein shoes aren't cool. Missy Elliot has her own line of Adidas...I took a look... couldn't go there.

But again.....they do look great!!!! And they certainly give me attitude (assertive and wild) but they really are like high heels to me right now. I love the attitude I have when I'm wearing heels, they look great and lift my whole body to beautiful proportions but damned if I don't have to ignore the great pain associated with high heels. I don't care what any of you everyday, high heel wearing women say...those damn things hurt.....and look so good. But everyday.....hell naw!!! After a night of heels I usually have to wait a week or so (when the swelling goes down) before I try being "too sexy" again.

This is why I didn't want to do a search for these sneakers on-line. While looking for a photo of them, I found them cheaper than I paid with my 30% off dammit!!!! What can you do. At least I know where to get another pair (if I so choose to) after the L.A. smog, permanently settles on my new kicks.