Tuesday, August 30

The Jennifer & Brad intrusions

coming soon to a theatre near you.....

It's been a while since I've had time to post...I've been experiencing some great PLD's (personal life distractions). And am actively trying to make sure most of my PLD's are great or good. Avoiding Bad like the plague. Ya'll here me LIKE THE PLAGUE. I'm walking in Mary's footsteps "No More Drama".

Brad and Jen split and it's a paparazzi and freaky fan, violating fest. First the "freelance" reporter for People mag is caught on Brad's property and now some weirdo takes it even further by actually entering Jennifer Aniston's home. Breaking and Entering. This dude is plain out crazy and needs to be in a mental facility. Who takes a cab to the soon-to- be scene of his crime and then doesn't pay. Celebrityhood is frightening. I swear it is. It's a lucrative game but the thought that any nut job can just fixate on you because you're in a magazine or on a hit TV show or in a movie and then come find you. Horrifying. I don't even like to leave my blinds open at night because I feel like some nutty passerby might decide to stalk me because he caught a glimpse of light through some random window. No Gracias.

Charlize Arrested
I'm very excited and really going to focus on buying a television for my home for this reason: Arrested Development's third season. Charlize Theron will be guesting on this friggin' great show that I already love and whose first season being released on DVD blessed a tv-less sister with hours of great entertainment. I am so pleased this show is coming back for a third (even though I completely missed the second season). Looking forward to it.
And what's even better is Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux. I loved this very strange animated MTV show. I tried to not like it because I felt it looked too much like the Heavy Metal movies (love those) but Aeon Flux seeped into my pores and I'm eager to see the Charlize Theron to Aeon Flux transformation. I like the idea of it hope I get to enjoy the reality of it.

So... I've never seen an episode of Six feet Under before the finale last week. My sister was in town so we visited a friend and caught the absolute last episode. Seems like it was an interesting show. Very trippy. I loved the end and the whole showing of how and when all the main characters pass from this earth. Could've been extremely corny but it wasn't. And this is coming from a non-fan. I saw exactly what I needed to see....the finale. I don't think I would've been able to handle catching the show every week or however it aired. I'm extra freaked out by bodies of the deceased and watching families have picnic conversations over embalmbed bodies would have distracted me. I'm officially a part of pop culture because I got to see the final episode of a show I never watched. Goody gumdrops for me.