Tuesday, March 20

An Angel sprouts her wings - March 20, 2006

Rain showers taper off to a light sprinkle.
A simple seed advances to a blooming bud.
Beams of sun burn through dark clouds.
A stalk peeks its narrow head through the mud.
A flower commences to life on earth.
And Mother Nature is made aware of her worth.

A human seed takes root through love.
A tiny heart, find it's first beat.
Protective walls of love form in a womb.
A baby in waiting discovers his feet.
Unbreakable bonds take form through birth.
And a woman, turned mother, is made aware of her worth.

Tears of joy, replace those of grief.
Birds chirp soul-easing songs of release.
God's heart smiles, the bells of heaven ring.
And Saint's gather in choir-like fashion to sing.

Every time......an angel sprouts her wings. ©

-Dayna Clark

For my beloved Great-Grandmother, who though she has left this trivial world in body, has created a legacy of love on earth and will always reign supreme in my heart. I am forever grateful for my Great-Angel, Minnie Pearl Clark.

I didn't know it was possible to miss someone this much. But here we are. And it's raining today in Southern California where it rarely rains. How apropos.