Wednesday, June 28

Second official year of Los Angeles livin'

The five people you meet, your first year in Los Angeles if you're me:

Porn Star (in a house in the valley.) or more like a Porn Actress - "Star" is a bit generous.
Semi-retired (quite high) rap star.
A soon to be divorced swinger.
A waiter you think you know...but you just remember him from some old movie...
A couple of extra-drunk girls (in the bathroom stall) trying to level themselves out with an altoid can full of coke.

Ohhhh La La land......

I ain't mad at cha'

Happy Aniversary to me.... THE SECOND YEAR!

I'm bringing in my second year anniversary of my move to Los Angeles, here in New York...that's right. And bummed out that I'll be going back at the end of the week. I'm sure once I get back I'll start to appreciate some things about the land of running from big hunks of trash swirling around the street and not having to holding my breath when some fool sneezes and coughs in my direction, on the subway. Trying to find a different exit from the subway, because a rat the size of a small dog felt the need to dash out at the moment I looked up. Gross....but again I'll say..I'm willing to deal with it for the love of NYC.

Let's see..The five people you meet your second year in Los just about the same as the first year, except I learned to avoid going to barbeques in strange homes in the valley, hence I was spared the porn actress scene. Oh and I've met at least 400 film producers. :-)