Tuesday, September 6

America, America.....

God shed his grace on thee....cause' it's feeling right crazy here.

I've read articles and got to see some of the footage for the first time last Saturday (still tv-less). The severity of Hurricane Katrina in General is surreal and horrifying. The slow reponse of aid - Heartbreaking - yes, Shocking and Surprising - no. I don't see how anyone who has been following the leadership of America these days could be shocked at how the victims in New Orleans were left to fend for themselves.... to die, to starve, to drown, to get eaten by alligators. I try to stay out of the whole political issue because at the end of the day "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." and I'm not one to sit around, suck my teeth and shake my head for the sake of keeping up appearances. I'm trifling and nowhere near as politically knowledgeable as a working-class american should(?) be. I suppose. But I'm here and I'm one opinionated bull headed so and so....

If there is someone or somebody or even some pet rated less important on the Republican scale than some poor, black (dark chocolate) folks or as poor misunderstood Wolf Blitzer likes to call them "so poor and so black"(he didn't mean it like that), then I'd like to meet and greet and help these poor souls because so far I'd bet the so poor and so black wins the "Who gives a f&*^ anyway, prize hands down.

I can feel the sentiment of those who feel they are superior and have more of a right to life because of their bank accounts and the ones who just can't wrap their minds around us darkies wanting freedom and "equal" rights. " If they we're still living in our plantations as our slaves we would have taken care of them, that's what they get for wanting civil rights and independence" and if a few toothless poor white americans who live nearby get caught up then too bad. It's the same in regards to my conspiracy theory on Newport brand cigarettes, mostly black folks smoke them therefore there's a little something extra in there to cut the life span and if a few wiggers wanna act black and smoke Newports as well, it's a small price to pay. If the majority of black folks were as bad as the media and the "Elite" try to make us out to be, Shit would really be bad. And I mean BAD. I know personally, I'd make a really diabolical and powerful crazy, killing, robbing, looting deviant, if I wanted too. Just me. So if all black people decided to say screw it, let's just take this country by force.....Ya'll would be in TROUBLE. And then we'd all be in trouble.

I'm poor. I live check to check, and am hardly able to make ends meet. The only factor, keeping me from being one of the statistically poor is the fact that I'm currently childless. It's just me. I can hustle and survive, if I had a child right now, we'd be on the side of the freeway selling oranges, but I'd still like to think my life is worth saving because of who I am and how my family, friends and strangers view me with love and respect. But I guess at the end of the day, in America or maybe on earth...I'm just a worthless, broke n*&^%' taking up space.

I'd rather see the outright disregard(as we now have) than to have it slowly destroy me and my peoples. It's a shame such a devastating and outright belligerent show of disregard had to get shoved in our faces for some outrage to surface. For people in America (land of the free) to excercise their freedom of speech and speak....the mayor of New Orleans, Kanye West and whoever else. Everyone's so stunned by Kanye West's statement. Hello....that's not some profound statement. George Bush is like the cheating husband and America is the stupid wife, we keep begging and pleading with him to act right and admit his trespasses. A cheating husband rarely to never admits his cheating unless he gets caught red-handed and even then he may try to flip things and make you look crazy. We, America, are looking quite crazy right now. It's a talent. Not a very admirable one but talent nonetheless. Things are extra wrong here in America..Extra meaning Obvious. I'm not saying poor folks should be given everything just because they (we?) are poor, I'm saying, their lives are worth something and they most definitely should be SAVED in a natural disaster(Though the strength of the Levees was unnatural). I'm sure "they" will try to rebuild New Orleans in such a way that the "so poor and so black" won't have not even the most small inkling of a way to afford the NEW New Orleans. With levess built by technically advanced aliens.

If the TITANIC were a city it would be New Orleans.

On a more positive note, common celebrity folk and other's are diving in and doing the damn thing.

Our lovely Celeb's, white, black or whatever, are reaching out...giving money and participating in concert benefits...love my celebs.

Oprah Winfrey and her Angel Network will definitely make strides in helping the devastated of New Orleans. Buy property and give it to our "So poor and So black" folks. Just hand over deeds with taxes paid for 20 years. Cause you know the tax man will try to take those homes before they get extra keys made.

Michael Jackson is using his god-given talent to help his peoples. Yes, they are his peoples. He knows, you don't have to remind him. He was reminded in court.

That was an abrupt end...Seems in life, there are too many abrupt ends....so..

on a whole other note and notable...

A friend treated me to the new Kanye West album. My intentions were to pick it up but he pushed the process along and I'm grateful. Notable tracks...We Major(this track is blessed with the presence of Nas.), Roses (A hip-hop song capable of bringing tears to my eyes is a first) and of course Golddigger (damn I love this song) Good album - But stating the obvious("george bush doesn't care about black people") doesn't make him a prophet. Just a kid with an opinion and enough money to feel comfortable giving it. But I suppose the soup can always go for a good stirring.

Peace, Love and Happiness