Thursday, August 4

Stick a fork in Chappelle Show

Charlie Murphy has released a statement that the show is done. Charlie Murphy was a vital player in the comedy sketches of Chappelle Show. Sounds like it's really over. Dave Chappelle's show is beyond funny and I seriously have been watching my dvd copy of Chappelle show every night this week (remember I'm tv-less.) I recently told a friend that Dave Chappelle didn't have to do another thing for me after the Rick James/Charlie Murphy sketch and all the sketches with Tyrone the crackhead. I guess he's holding me to my word.

This is what happens when the extra-talented try to negotiate with the talent-less executives aka shot callers. They drove the boy crazy (not to say he wasn't chillin' on the edge of insanity anyway.) Not knowing where else to turn he went on a spiritual retreat and now" shot callers" lean they're heads to the side in question. "I don't know what's wrong with him", "We tried to do right by him", "He really is Rich, Bitch. So what's the problem?"

I hope on his way to one of his South African Spiritual retreats Dave Chappelle stops in Atlanta and takes Bobby Brown and his "done" ass with him...