Wednesday, July 20

POP - F4, W.O.W. and Wedding Crashers

Blessed are those who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed....

Tis' the new way I'm going to approach these box office movies...Why? Because I walked into Fantastic 4 with the intent on getting a twofer (two movies for the price of one)....did that...Second movie was War of the Worlds....Nothing beats a twofer if your toosh can take it..mine can and did and will again. I would've preferred to pull a twofer on Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

I went alone late at night. Walked out of War of the Worlds at 12:10am....still a bit disturbed....not disturbed at the quality of the movie...Senor Spielberg has mastered his craft....he can now go master the Culinary Arts or Karate or whatever else he feels like......because he is the man when it comes to Directing a movie...I don't have a bad thing to say. I was told to save my money on this movie. Are they kidding me? Tis' why I tend not to listen to other people...only my inner people and they said go see it. I was on the edge of my seat (good thing considering I had just sat through 2 hours of F4). I mean I really just went there...lost myself... even after I saw a part of the War of the Worlds set at Universal Studios ....I got drawn in so hardcore that I found myself rooting for the aliens...I wanted to yell at the screen "What are you looking at dumb ass Run, Humans, Run........if that's the way humans act in a crisis then I hope an Alien ship lands right on my head so I don't have to witness it (unless I'm to save a few people.) The lead character, single part-time Dad, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) got under my skin just like he was supposed to....that little Dakota Fanning is not of this earth with her talent. Talk about a Hollywood leading lady..little lady

She has already played opposite...Sean Penn, Denzel Washington and now Tom Cruise to name a few, all by the age 11. And I've loved her performances in all of them....not just me.....everyone....Critics, Directors and Joe Blow at the newstand all agree.....Dakota Fanning is a screen gem. So tiny and talented. I mean that's all I have to say really....I spoke to some movie goers who really moaned about the last three minutes of the film...some didn't get it..some got it and were really pissed about it.....I get it, got it, liked it...what can I say. Dakota Fanning also shared the screen with Robert De Niro in HIDE AND SEEK, but I'm always slow to see movies I consider scary...


Another pleasant surprise for this apprehensive yet eager movie goer. One annoyed reviewer felt there was no reason for Jessica Alba to be in the movie and I was prepared to agree....mostly because of the movie HONEY which I'm trying to never see. I liked her and everyone else in the movie. I am a big fan of Marvel Comics, though not Fantastic 4 really and the movie has now sparked my interest in the comic book. I'm not saying I'm going out to buy a bunch of F4 comic books and read them but I will buy one to read and one special edition to package away for a hundred years from now..Overall a fun and action packed movie.....You go Marvel Comics. Make em' all....X-men, Spiderman, F4 keep em' coming. I eagerly await F4's next box office adventure (and X-men and Spiderman) and though I sound like I can be easily sold on a Marvel Comic turned Movie...I'm not...not at all. And was very disturbed about the casting of Halle Berry as Storm for X-Men....don't suck your teeth....I like Halle Berry and I love that she is a working actress....but....Storm the comic book character is straight from Africa....Straight...untouched by massa'....How the hell? Why the hell? A search for a woman who resembles former supermodel and wife to, David Bowie, Iman, should have ensued. I take it as a personal slap in the face to the deeper shades of brown ie....myself. Now that's a STORM..If they just couldn't go there, then they should've tried for Jada Pinkett...a much more commanding and confident Storm. I mean come on...Storm is an action hero who commands the weather for God's sake. But X-Men and X-Men 2 were so damn good...I have partially forgiven Hollywood. Maybe in 2050 when it's remade..they'll cast a proper STORM. Again...I like Halle Berry...and I would've taken this role to. If they came to my non-acting ass right now and said would you please try being Storm for X-men believe I'd inhale, try to avoid looking at myself with platinum hair and go to it....the outtakes would be priceless. But I guess I should be happy they didn't just kill her character off and use some inferior mutant to replace I really just went off on a tangent. What was I reviewing...Fantastic 4.....
The movie was made to entertain and succeeded...the audience (including myself) clapped at the end. Same clapping action went down in Spiderman 2 (myself included.)


Another movie where a single actor saves it from the Abyss.....Vince Vaugn was doing his thing. How much you gettin' man? Tell them you officially go for more now. It was a cute movie. Funny moments. Everyone played his or her part. And....if cloning is really going down in some secret underground goverment lab in the middle of Arizona.....please clone Sir Christopher Walken...please...just do it...I can never get enough of this man....I forgot he was in this movie (even though his name is on the poster) and the movie was dragging a little in the when this Hell of a guy, made his first appearance I almost stood up and clapped...I felt like he had just walked out on stage and waved to me (but that's my own issue)...I know he's up there in age...but damn...he's just....I'm not going to take you there...he's great...ANNIE HALL....he was in this 1977, Woody Allen classic for about 5 minutes and it is my absolute favorite part of the movie. He really is the man. He would've been a more commanding STORM, if he could stand the platinum wig.

So the movie was good. Not great...good...It could've been great....a lot had to happen in two hours.. and it all happened.....the pace of the movie....I don't know....I'm not a Director.....but it felt weird...Like a car that needs a wheel alignment....would I add it to my DVD collection....No....but I would take a six pack to a friends house and watch their copy.

I didn't do a way...I went with friends to see Wedding Crashers.