Thursday, June 30

Girls Hold up This World

Anyone who has an initial negative response to this just jaded (not Jada) and detached from his or her emotions. And probably headed at 120mph towards hardened arteries and a face full of sourpus wrinkles..(or doesn't really like black folks) how 'bout that? (and I've read a couple of bitter reviews.) Here's an ador-a-blay one:

A Customer Review I found on Barnes and Noble.

Lauren Reed-Gibson (, 15, violinist/dancer from Det, Mi, May 19, 2005,
It's a comforting book. I loved the book. I bought the first book at Borders, in Dearborn, Mi. The book comforts me when I am down. I know being a 15 yr old myself is a hard thing. A lot of elder women try to encourage young females to believe in them selves, and with the support of her writing a book about it was outstanding. Some people may not like it because every body else is doing it, but since every one is on the same page, trying to make the world a better place by helping young females is a great idea. If we work harder the job will get done. keep up the good work Jada, thanks to my #1 fan God,mommy(Valerie),Grams,Maya Angelou,Sister Souljah,Venus & Serena,Oprah,Madonna,and every other female who has supported girls to believing and achieving thier goals/dreams. Much love from Lauren Reed-Gibson, Jada's #1 fan

Couldn't ya just.....

Now....the response of a 15 year old 15....I was deciding whether or not life had enough to offer for me to stick around.

I want to buy 40 copies of this book....have them signed by Jada Pinkett Smith and Donyell Kennedy - McCullough, package them up....and send them to 40 of the women in my life...from my Grandmothers to cousins to friends I no longer associate with.....Simply... beyond cute and loving. I walked to Barnes and Nobles today....just to check out the children's book section...I feel secure enough now that the first installment of my own is completed and beyond words. Did not intend on buying any children's books....just looking. Hadn't really heard much about the book.....knew it was in existence but wasn't running out to buy it.....especially since I'm in my (early) 30's. Well.....tears welled up....and yes now that the blanket of depression has been lifted and I'm experiencing life the way I'm used to.... in vivid colors.....I have a heightened sense of emotion towards all things.....good or cream, a good movie, an ocean breeze, roasted beet salad, rain, sun, Fiji water (and ice made from it)climbing stairs, stubbing my toe, a good song, a bad song,....walking 2.3 miles (uphill) to Barnes and Nobles...opening "Girls Hold Up This World" and tearing up third page in and about to really cry over this very adorable book.....If GOD came to me to strike a deal and said "You would die now, but you'd come back in 9 months as Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter.....I'd have to consider.....

I also bought a book...I"m not going to be able to read for a loooooonnnnnggggg time...This is why I don't go to bookstores....I'm on the bookstore wagon....and I fell off today...I bought..."A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" right...the title is brilliant....but this guy appears to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown and trying to take us with him....he'll have to excuse me for a while..I'm not in the mood.

What I really wanted was A Lotus Grows In The Mud, by Goldie Hawn
(man I was just talking about her) tell 'em Goldie.....the book was heavy and I swear that little 2 mile walk......5 minute car drive....hour uphill for me....pitiful....almost broke me and I already had things to carry. I'll have to pick her vehicle. I wanna go out and buy a coffee table so I can put Mrs Pinkett-Smith's book on it......ooooooohhhh their little girl is Darling. Her nickname should be Darla..good night.


I attempted to go see WAR OF THE WORLDS @ The Grove, tonight..opening night...after all the worker bees got off of work and bought up all the tickets...tis' why I love a matinee. Remember when matinee's were actually a bargain? Half off the usual they think they're doing you a favor because they give you two dollars really bugs me...not because I'm cheap....Have entertainment....Will charge it....but because...historically....a half-off...not anymore....oh the thin (taurean) line between change and stability...that is the Taurean's thin line.

Taurus' we don't like change but crave it at the same time...imagine the battle....
I did make it to a "matinee" of BEWITCHED(there is no need to live in Hollywood or it's surrounding cities if you have no interest in movies or moviestars.) I'm....treading....lightly. Because I love the writing style ( and power) of Nora Ephron....seriously....I don't know anyone who would have gone to see BEWITCHED with me (unless they were just trying to spend time with me and willing to make the sacrifice.) so I went to see it with my best I was waiting for friends to go see WAR OF THE problem except so was everyone's Mom, sister and Step-Dad (we had a goooood meal instead) Back to BEWITCHED....let me state for the record...I will be purchasing this movie when it is released on DVD, cause it was kind of cute. What I really love about a good movie with a good cast is its ability to allow me to lose myself.....even after possibly seeing each leading character, featured, no less than a half-dozen(Krispy Kreme) times in other roles...Nicole Kidman is a darling...and Will Ferrell is a it should be....and I loved them...Shirley Maclaine who is just divine all the time, was not used to the best of her ability, yet still ultra far as "Enjoyable" goes. I also saw that Francine Maisler was the Casting Director. I was (briefly) a temp in NYC for her at Sony Pictures in the casting department for "RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS" imagine my excitement when I answered her phone.....and on the other end was Penny Marshall.....with that voice.....Oh I've lived....sheer (quiet) excitement. I often think of Miss Maisler when I'm trying to find a decent slice of pizza in LA (damn near impossible.) Me, Francine Maisler and her sweet protege/assistant (Kathy?) found time for an official lunch one day (finally.) I found her excitement for a good slice of pizza was foreign to me...tis' foreign no more. Regretfully, here in the west, I completely get it, but I'm still kind of floating in the river of da'nile about it. They told me I had a job with them if I ever moved to L.A. I believe the year was 96'...I was nowhere near ready...Have to be extra secure and grounded or you will drift away........on a memory.....

BEWITCHED.....I don't know.....I was just hoping for (a whole lot) more. I was suddenly aware of my expectations for this movie, while still in the middle of the movie...not a good match. Maybe someone else was supposed to take the directing reigns.

At some point, everyone has some kind of, "hey, I could do that moment" in a career...From Doctor, Lawyer, to Director. As humans we have the right to "Consider". There are some aspects of any job we could accomplish. I had a fleeting moment where I thought "Hey I could direct my own work. I could cast so and so and so and so and get a really good DP". A wiser, know myself all too well, me..knows better. In directing you have to embrace all aspects.......casting, location, production design, wardrobe, make-up, camera angles....blah, blah, blah... In the great words of Ordell Robbie "F*%$ that noise jack!" I'd rather place my story in the hands of a passionate Director who lives to create pictures from words....much better scenario for me and most...not all..It plays out like a magical symphony for Lucas(fellow taurean), Quentin Tarantino etc..etc. and I still float away at times...tempted by the glory (and paycheck) of being a film director but quickly grounded by my lack of passion for being the actual tool in creating the picture.. It's in the details....
FIne with being the writer who bobs up and down with angst and excitement of seeing the finished product.
Overall, I liked BEWITCHED...I had giggle out loud moments....and.....I mean...I totally got it....but...that whole becoming aware of my expectations for the movie, while sitting in the movie thing... really bummed me out. I'm!

P.S....make that money Sir Michael Caine!!!! I sometimes forget to mention him....Here's my one mention.....While watching him on the big screen in BEWITCHED.....I did not once... think ..."Hey, he's in Batman and Bewitched both playing now...didn't occur to me until way later....Speaks Mountains!!!!