Tuesday, August 16

Living it

the LA LA life... where Jill Average Dayna (the aspiring writer) finds herself in a room full of sheep aka actors or wannabee actors looking to the Herder aka casting director for guidance. Lerve it.

Now that I'm back on the "too busy for pity wagon". I'm continuing my "strange" life flow. Not to mention I'm still flowing in my circle of sheer heaven out here. Sheer ya'll for real. It's amazing to me, what comes from opening oneself to all possibilities.....doing things with folks, I said I would never do and having a ball.

I auditioned for a game show today...called "Distraction" on Comedy Central. Sent my picture and little bit about myself in yesterday....went to the audition today. I had to answer a bunch of basic questions....I might be a little uninformed.
Who won the civil war? Got that one
Who won the NBA playoffs this year? I had no clue.
What's the capital of Wyoming? "Please" was my written answer.
And I won't even go into some of the really stupid answers I gave for some of the questions. Knew the answers, knew I knew them....answered wrong as hell. They asked me if I had any special talents...I can touch my tongue to my nose and I did it for the camera.....hey....just adding to my LA experience.

I've gone on three "official" auditions since my move to Los Angeles...one for a national bank ad...I actually got a call back. I wasn't expecting to, I was just going with the Los Angeles flow...I have no desire to act. I have a tendency to freeze up in front of the camera , so I went to a Mexican restaurant and downed three margarita's before I went to my call back. I was still nervous with the camera staring down my throat but I did what I had to. Didn't get the gig. Don't think I should have either. But getting a call back was cool enough.

The next one was for an "Extreme Dodgeball" game show...Most of the women didn't get to play because they couldn't even hit the other side of the wall with the ball. Dayna-dane made it happen and got to play. And after I got nailed with a ball thrown by some angry sexually frustrated twenty year old male...I wished I hadn't made it. I'm all about experiences but forget that Co-Ed Dodgeball nonsense. Guys throw harder. It's a fact. I felt it first hand.

And now my third one.."Distraction"
We'll see. Gotta be in it to win it. I'm living this weird surreal semi-starting over life so....Sign me up .

And a birthday shout out to another one of my LEO buds...Leo (women) are da' bomb...
Go Sarah, it's your Birthday, sip Bacardi like its your Birthday ......Rockin' Sushi was da' bomb!!!!! When are we going back?