Thursday, November 10

An Open Letter...revisited

this is a previous post (7-28-2005) but my ears are ringing with pleasant anticipation for the resurfacing of one of my all time favorite artists, so I must post this again...


Yea though you walk through the valley of fools who ridicule that which confuses them. Know this, God's child..Your battle is not to make fools understand or to school humans on the art of humanity and Karma. You are only responsible for a mastering an understanding of self and remembering to appreciate this responsibility as it is the single most important task for every individual in the world. No matter how famous, talented, rich, poor, weak, strong, infamous, angelic, demonic or whatever. It is then that these wooden soldiers of society will either crumble around you or get in line and march to your tune...Pay them no mind and continue to rhyme.

Peace, Love and Happiness,