Thursday, November 17

Professional verses Financial success

What I miss most about the fly apt in New Jersey I gave up to move west…..Singing at the top of my lungs and not having some miserable neighbor knock on my door and complain.

I've been trying to describe my idea of success…it's a hard one. There is professional and personal success...two seperate things. And a subcategory under professional would be financial success. I had this conversation with a friend the other day. I decided personally, I like who I am and how I've grown and how I've come to deal with the lost souls who wander the earth (all of us except maybe Gandhi). So personal success I have achieved and will continue to work on.

Now Professional success...To those who measure professional success in terms of finances, I am certainly not anywhere near professional success. For those who measure success in terms of following ones bliss while maintaining....I am "Queen Dayna bliss follower extraordinaire."

For me personally.... Professional and financial success will be the time where I can more than maintain and financially help my family and friends.... An independently wealthy woman who does NOT have to go into anyone's office everyday to cling on to some ratty six figure job.That's right I said it....six figures wouldn't be enough for me to spend day in and day out in the same office (unless it's my office) Now seven figures....hell yeah, maybe, for a little while but not six......Independently wealth and happy.....Tis' my goal. Though I still ponder all my and other folks ideas of success...

I have one thing:

If you Consider yourself financially successful and your neighbors can still here you actin' a fool in your home...…Reconsider.

Financial success is Janet Jackson sunbathing nude...being completely footloose and fancy free, not worried about anyone watching (or maybe just not caring), tapping her bare ass to the beat of whatever music played in her headphones. If I tried to sunbathe in private....where would I go? And how paranoid would I be that someone would see or pounce on me. Janet in her world, was safe and sound. Although turns out not only was someone watching, they were recording her because I've seen the video. But I'm thinking more of her financial successful state of mind than the reality of someone violating her personal space in such a manner...the video has been downloaded to my computer...sorry Janet but I think the video is great.

Get down girl, go 'head get down!

All my ideas of personal and financial freedom and success and yadda, yadda would go right out the window if I had little ones to feed. Do what ya' gotta for the chirren's you've brought into this world. At the kids are going hungry for my dream fulfillment.....I need several big checks on the table before I extend my family......Keep Hope Alive.