Sunday, July 2

The Devil Wears Prada

Bored out of my mind and climbing the walls because an intense project I was working on came to an abrupt end, I forced myself out of my friends home in Brooklyn and graced the Cobble Hill Cinema in Brooklyn with my presence.

I've heard nothing but good things about The Devil Wears Prada, but I still carried worry into the theatre with me. I hoped this movie wouldn't take one of my favorite actresses of all times and make her look like she was the lead in a lifetime special. Thankfully, It didn't. I actually did read one negative review, but the overall feel, from actual humans, not bitter reviewers, was "It's all good." May I never lose my ability to just plain out enjoy a movie to the secret jealous caverns in my writers mind. I hope I don't posses secret jealous caverns.

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly was a divine affair to watch, especially the hair. The hair was bad ass.

I don't have a bad thing to say. Even if I searched deep within the crevices of my inner cynicism, I'd come up with nothing. This is what movies do for me....I was feeling lost in direction, bored, tired didn't know my next step, career wise. I left the theatre aspiring to find a Miranda Priestly (or maybe a little softer version of) to work for, with or whatever. A challenge is a beautiful thing.

Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, the fashion challenged wannabe journalist, law school drop out who must learn to take her job seriously, even though it's fashion and not "real" journalism.....Great! Her big inquisitive eyes made her a perfect fit for this role. Don't get me wrong, Andy Sachs ability to go from flats to heals in less than 60 seconds was a bit of a stretch, but that might be my own issue as I was forced to wear heals as a bridesmaid in a wedding, over five years ago and I'm just now able to wear those actual heals without crying or walking like I suffer from rickets. Heals do lift things to such nice proportions, but damn, they hurt.

Even Mr. Stanley Tucci, the forever sidekick, B-list , very talented acTOUR was a gem as Nigel, the loyal to a fault, art directing, right hand, mirl (man/girl), to Miranda Priestly. Mr. Tucci, slides into the craziest roles and make them his own. He is a "that guy" for sure, as he is one of the most steady working, under billed actors in Hollywood. But at least he doesn't have to wait tables in between gigs.

The fashion icon cameos were subtle and few and far between. They weren't used to draw interest, just used to add validity to the power of Miranda Priestly as editor of "Runway", one of the top fashion magazine's in the world. Very nice.

Go Patricia Field, you accessorized the hell out of this movie. Our three leading ladies, Miranda, Andy and Nigel were dressed to death. And I'm the last to pay attention to clothes in a film (Unless it's a period piece of course), but Miranda and Andy were undeniable. Patricia field had quite the challenge, considering, fashion was the focus of the movie. She rose and rose to the occasion, I can only imagine how many bottles of Tylenol the Wardrobe department went through. I think the last movie I distinctly noticed the garb on an actress was Stepmom. Julia Roberts, to quote my Grandfather, was SHARP! And I thought, how strange I noticed.

The best for me.....Miranda Priestly's ability to get everyone to jump high into the sky without ever changing the tone of her voice. A gift most, fail to possess. Working in the world of film production, I really admire, power without kicking and screaming. So nice.

The cast, especially Ms. Streep, carried The Devil Wears Prada, up and over the moon.

The Devil Wears Prada is a must see. Great Comedy! Great Summer release. And did I mention how great it was to see Meryl Streep. It's always great, isn't it?