Thursday, September 15


Today on the corner of Olympic and La Cienega the hippies were out in full effect....with anti-war and bush signs...
One of the signs read:

Make Levees, Not War!

I agree and thought for one brief moment "Maybe I'll just quit my job jump out of the car and hold up a couple of signs myself." But then I caught a glimpse of my MAC glossed lips and neatly groomed dread locs, in the rearview mirror of the big, black, beautiful Suburban I have been driving around in and remembered I'm not a hippy. Nor am I the favored color for a "peaceful protest". My dark complexion would bring down the tear gas and grenades on the peacefulesque hippies on the corner, so instead I honked my horn in agreement, smiled gave them a thumbs up and kept it moving.

Protest for us all folks and folk singers.....

They put me in Forrest Gump mode. I could go for a dose of good ole' Tom Hanks tonight. I live in L.A., I work in Hollywood, so yes, everything is going to relate to a movie somehow. Good or Bad. (or a song...sometimes from a movie soundtrack.)