Sunday, November 6


I had absolutely no expectations or preconceived notions about this one...just had nothing else to do. And although I'm not into sending America's children into war to fight foreign children in their homeland to take control of things that don't belong to us. I do like a good war movie....MOVIE.......fiction.....MOVIE. Though I don't think I'll go see anymore war movies when there is a war going on. If the movie had been a whole lot better....I would be a whole lot more disturbed.

I flat out didn't care for Jarhead. I like Black Hawk Down better and I didn't really like that one either. Jarhead is far from a timeless classic but it is timely. I don't know what the filmmakers or studio tried to do here. Were they trying to take advantage of the fact that there is a war going on and for this reason a war movie be it good or bad will wind up making big money. Or are they just trying to upset the family members of soldiers at war right now. Because they certainly didn't intend to entertain an audience or raise any level of conscienceness. Whatever the case, I wish I had snuck into this movie so my ticket wouldn't help the numbers. People actually booed and gasped at the end of the movie. It's a shame because Jake Gyllenhaal (who didn't annoy me like he did in "The Day After Tomorrow"), Jamie Foxx...and all the supporting roles did what they could but it seems the movie was hopeless way before these actors even agreed to sign on. Jarhead, was a boring cliche with no character development. I didn't care or feel for any of the soldiers aside from feeling for the real soldiers in the war now. It did leave me with a bit of a petrified pit in my stomach in regards to the behavior of men at war. It left me wondering if men really behave like big bi-curious, attention deficient disorder perverts when left on their own without women while trying to hide their fears. I don't even care to comment further on this movie. The script should've been left on the shelf. Movie executives must be forgetting the concept of RED LIGHT....because a lot of crap is getting the GREEN LIGHT. And when I think about how much time, effort, water, food, sand, natural and unnatural resources etc....were used to make these "advantage taking" movies, it makes me nauseous. If it had to be made, I would accept it easier were it an independent film. A major motion picture it is not. I don't care how many major motion actors they tried to squeeze in there.

I could rip on this movie a whole lot more but I don't feel the effort.