Tuesday, May 9

This Entry..

reminds me of something a bill collector said to me in one of my numerous heated and accusatory phone calls with bill collectors and gym membership cults.

Me - "I don't have the money, it's plain and simple as that. You can't get blood from a stone."

Bill collector - "The walls of our banks are covered with blood we've gotten from stones"

Yes...I was on the phone arguing a friend's case....not even my own when I provoked one of the craziest comments ever, out of one of those pesky, persistent collectors.

In other words...I am my own bill collector, squeezing an entry out of me, so that I might shake myself out of this rut of sorts and start blogging again, because my lack of entries does not reflect a lack of "things happening" in my life.

Four major 'tings:

1. Survived (but still suffering from) an "Amazing Dumbass Race" aka " Dayna's suicide survival mission impossible" aka "In the name of commercial production" to Ciudad Valles in piss poor Mexico (by raggedy ass truck - not plane.)

2.Survived Coachella, a mega outdoor concert near hotter-than-hell, Palm Springs, with a Mexican parasite actively setting up shop in my spine and lower intestine and only a few rows of * Port-o-sans, for use by the 60,000 drugged and drunk college aged attendees, to comfort me. I did rock out to some cool artists and bands..had to excuse myself from the crowd when the drugged college kids around me started raising their fist for the struggle in unison to rapper, Kanye West. I couldn't take it. 'twas not the crowd for me to see Mr. A.D.D. hyperactive Kanye West live with, fer sure. I braved most performances alone as there were a hella' lot of bands and the variety of friends who were scattered across the fields of Coachella wanted to see bands whose serious bass playing and loud verbage, angered my spine- attached, hard-working mexican parasite.

Madonna, Kanye West, Common, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Digable Planets and my absolute fav...worth it all..Damian Marley (Jr. Gong). Those are the artists I caught on stage....no complaints. Except....Madonna's stage.....holy spumoni, I mean outrageously crowded and crazy but my love for Madonna gave me the strength to get right up in the madness, me and a friend (my birthday sister) braved the crazy ass crowds for a glimpse of that "in the shape of her life" Lucky Star.

3. I experienced my first racial slur(?) from a Mexican man, driving a pretty decent car, which I suppose he thought made him instantly superior to this "Black Bitch" who he damn near backed in to, as she strolled up the block she resides on, sipping her coffee (her being me.) Now I'll admit I played my part. I gave the "jerk off" sign to him because of his rude and dangerous actions and he played his part right back. His exact words - "Go back to the ghetto, you black bitch"..and for the first time in my history of dealing with racism....I laughed at a racial slur instead of getting angry. It was such a ridiculous assumption and comment, coming from a dude whose "peoples" are still pretty low on the work and finance food chain in America and then of course, after the nervous laughter..the disappointment in humanity, kicks in. Like, for real? Is this how it's going to go down? Obviously he and his peeps don't know what I know about noisemaking minorities in America...... I yelled back some ignorant stuff that I won't share. Though, I don't think it was too bad, considering his offense. Anyways, After driving 14 hours through the four levels of Mexico...Poor Poor, Dog Poor, Piss Poor and S%^$ poor, and picking up a friendly parasite who loves me as host, I have to say, I would take flight with my own wingless appendages trying to get the hell out of Mexico, were I a resident. I'm not even trying to go there for vacation after my life changing experience.
I said I was ending this didn't I.....okay....ending....right....now.

4. Due to the "Amazing Dumbass Race" I went on in the name of production, I have had to re-evaluate my life decisions and job decisions. I prefer to care and be cared about....if caring is a business flaw....then I stand before the work world.....FLAWED. So to find something more suitable to a chick that gives a damn about humans, I have taken on the responsibility of "Talent Manager extraodinaire", (the outrageous earning potential doesn't hurt either)....still working on the extraordinaire part and still working in commercial production to pay bills......oh these dream careers of mine.

It is said that we all have three careers inside of us.....

My first one was...Perennial college student. Bopping around here and there, doing what I wanted first and then handling business....ie.....late for my job because I was still on line for the MTV wannabe a VJ contest (nothing ventured......). That was me right up until......today.

In the great words of Madonna (human nature) - ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS! (except failing to buy aol stock in the early 90's.)

Second one is writing (that's right...paid or not.)

And the third one......Artist (talent) management. It's my calling and I've run from it for years and I mean years (I've also run from the Artists). But with the recent shift of my life....childhood - over as of 3/20/2006 adulthood - beginning 5/8/2006, I'm ready, I suppose, to take on the R word....it's been banned from my vocabulary...just shown in some of my actions, but now I'll use it...RESPONSIBILITY....whew!!! that didn't hurt too much.

I'd like to push my official adulthood date back as well.....let's say 5/12/2006...a day of great importance in my life, every year since 1972. Yeah...4 more days to act like an irresponsible cooky bean and then....shuffllepapertime, begins...yawn, in a very on the edge of something new but, sh%& is really all the same, kind of way.

(Also went to see Mission Impossible on it's release date to see what all the hoopla was about.)

Damn I got a lot of blood from that stone.

footnote - I do not use port-o-sans...i'd rather go out in the wilds of nature and I did....scoopoftruth's the name...giving a scoop or so of the truth is the game.