Tuesday, June 28

Chaka Khan...

need I say more? But you know I must....She will be performing...Along with Gladys Knight a the the Hollywood Bowl. (I like Gladys but I hope she's the opening act.) Oooohhh..I'm almost afraid to go...I have to reserve this date as if it were....I don't know.....a good friend's baby shower. Or something like that....I must go. And I'm totally prepared to go alone. Because I'm not taking no...half-wannabe Chaka Khan fan....that's all I'm saying. My friend (she knows who she is) would have to fly in from Atlanta to go with me.
They appear to be sold out of the good seats...What's a girl to do? I'll figure something out...the way I did when I went to see the enchanting...Alica Keys in Las Vegas Memorial Weekend....'twas magnanimous.

The five people you meet..

your first year in Los Angeles if you're me:

Porn Star (in a house in the valley.) or more like a Porn Actress - "Star" is a bit generous.
Semi-retired (quite high) rap star.
A soon to be divorced swinger.
A waiter you think you know...but you just remember him from some old movie...
A couple of extra-drunk girls (in the bathroom stall) trying to level themselves out with an altoid can full of coke.

Ohhhh La La land......

I ain't mad at cha'

Happy Aniversary to me....