Monday, September 12

Mimi put her foot in her emancipation

It's a special occasion
Mimi's emancipation
A cause for celebration
I ain't gonna let nobody's drama bother me

go mimi it's your birthday!!!!!!

I have to give a little of my Mariah Carey history before I go further with my review of "The Emancipation Of Mimi".

My crappy attitude towards Mariah began with the release of her 1991 album, "Emotions". Let me recap the 30 calls from family and friends years ago:
"Whitney has a new song and it's on the listen...Now!!!"

I think I had more of an attitude with myself because there was a brief moment when I was fooled (only the first few lines, the first time) And being a diehard, forever fan of Whitney Houston, I of course had to choose sides when the Whitney/Mariah wars began. (wars that never was media hype) but sometimes I march the march of the citizens and get right in line. There was no hesitation in choosing the side of my girl Whitney while rolling my eyes at Mariah Carey with her "married to some old Sony executive, mixed-up ass". Yes, stupid like that.

Once I stepped out of line, and saw this talented soul through my own eyes, the crazy fog lifted and I became a bigger Whitney fan who was able to find space for fanship and appreciation for Mariah. An undeniably talented gal'. And because the Universe tends to bless you when you open your heart and mind, I was lucky enough to bask in a delightful Mariah treat.

I think the year was 1994 or 95 (Those crazy times are a blur. Good thing for photos) Miss Mariah, rented a few (luxury) buses.....rented out the entire, Rye Playland,( an amusement park in Rye, New York) for a day and shuttled a large group of Sony employees to the park to enjoy all the beer, cotton candy, popcorn, pretzels, pizza and rollercoasters a fool could hope for, I am that fool. Da Brat was there, Wanya (spelling?) from Boyz II Men (hey Mariah, I think dem' boys need a bone), Keisha a member of the singing group TOTAL (where dey' at?) and Jermaine Dupree. Am I or was I ever a Sony employee? No! But through my life I've had and continue to have too many hook-ups to count and am always somewhere I'm not "supposed" to be. And always wound up having the time of my life. My dear friend used to work at Sony and always traveled Posse deep. I was part of that Posse. And that Posse had FUN TIMES. Like nobody's business.

So my buddy and her posse headed up to Rye, New York. We had a blast.

Proof I love you Mariah. You generous soul. And you worked for that love, girl. Cause' I was tryin' to deny you.

Back to Mariah's newest release.....the song "Shake it off" was the dealmaker for me going to Best Buy and purchasing (with my HARD earned money) "The Emancipation of Mimi". Best decision I made all week. This is the first time I've ever actually purchased a Mariah album and I'd do it again, but I do miss those cd hook-ups.
Mariah Carey's latest beautiful creative outlet has filled a void. LIKE THAT! Yesterday, I drove 261 miles. Mimi (who they like to call crazy, but she ain't y'all) played a vital part in keeping me sane and safe on the road. My Calimobile has cruise control. And I cruised north and south on the 405 all day and night, swaying, shaking, twisting or just listening to these tracks, specifically:

"It's Like That" - for some crazy reason, when the beat drops I have the urge to do the Tyrone Biggums. (and hell no I've never done crack) but that fool can dance.

"We Belong Together" - is cute, can't deny it. They are already spinning it on Lite FM radio.

"Shake It Off" - Besides being an all around fly song, I have a special sentiment for the phrase "Shake if off" in general. Earlier in the year, My dear friend and my cousin sent their chirren's out to stay with me for a week (seven whole days). Two boys..ages 8 and 9. These kids were devastated when they found out I was tv-less. DEVASTATED. TV generation. But we had a grand ball of a time anyway. Disneyland has a tendency to ease the pain of noTVitis. Anyways, love these boys and they are why I love the phrase so.

There is a second after a little kid falls where they pause to decide whether they are going to fall out and cry for dear life or jump up and continue on. If you've ever seen a child fall you know what I mean. When these boys where Toddlers (2T) and fell down I would chime in with, "Come on, Shake it off" before they had a chance to think about falling out. There is still nothing more endearing to me then the memory of my two-year old cousin, running, taking a dive across the floor, hearing me or his Mom say "Shake it off", promptly jumping up and continuing on...Nothing. His Grandmother (my aunt) didn't appreciate the prompting, she would always say "What if something's really wrong?" to which I would answer "Then he wouldn't be able to "Shake if off". Thanks, Mimi...I'm sooooo about shaking it off.

The fourth track I've played in the ground (just bought the cd two days ago) and the berzerkest, bestus party or striptease song I've heard all year......"GET YOUR NUMBER"..this song takes me to unheard of dimensions. Janet Jackson is having a grand ole' effect on Mr. Jermaine Dupree. The beginning of this song resembles, a bit, just a bit, people, the beginning of Michael Jackson's, "PYT". Before he breaks out into song.

And Nelly ain't afraid to sing y'all, and I love him for it. I thought it was Nelly doing his thing on this track, but I had to check the credits to be certain. It's Certain. A beautiful trio...Mimi, Jermaine Dupri and Nelly. Do the damn thing! The beat for Get Your Number is a sample from an 80's song " Just an Illusion" (not my favorite) but chile' after J.D. got his producing ass on it, I lurve it. The lyrics, the beat, the voices....award winning.

We ain't got all night
Tell me how many times in your life
Will you get an opportunity like this tonight
Tell me a little somethin' about you
Here's a little somethin' about me
I gotta pip Penthouse with a sick hot tub
We can watch the flat screen
While the bubbles fillin'up

She's flipping it on him......bragging about the nice things back at her home. Lurve it! Really, seriously. Maybe it's just where I am in life right now, but I'll take it. As and added bonus for me, When Mimi whispers her list of nice things on the track, she sounds a bit like Janet, Miss Jackson if your nasty. I do have one question.....What's a Pip Penthouse? One that comes with Glady's Knight's background singers built in?

Very Happy Mimi has been emancipated. It works well for her. Thanks for hangin' in there Mariah.