Wednesday, August 31

The difference between "Finding" or "Looting".

The difference in the same F^%&$#' reason I might really have to search for a sanctuary and safe haven outside of this grand ole' country I love. I do love America. I love the great plains, the ocean, the mountains and all the, religion, yadda-yadda.....What I absolutely hate and am SICK TO DEATH of is the complicated (could be simple) Black and White relations. Seriously. I'm just really tired of it all. I'm not trying to fight the good fight either. Like a husband who feels like he should go ahead and cheat because he's constantly being accused of it....I sometimes feel like giving in to the "bad wrap" and living the life of "seedy criminal", but then I remember how much of a germophobe I am and how prison will never do. So I shake it off and straighten up and fly right.

So hours later....I'm posting at work and had to walk away from my ranting for a spell. I must remember how settling "walking away" from a heated moment can be. I am completely calm and back to backstroking my way through society. And all about keeping this US citizenship my ancestors went through worse than hell to obtain. It's just disheartening. A reporter is supposed to remain objective (tis' why I'm not a reporter.) And why so many "reporters" should have chosen other careers as well. Knowledge of self, chumps...if you know you are a stereotyping jackass with opinions you'd like to share, then get yourself a blog. It's aggravating but it's not the end of the Hooray

Peace and Blessings to the victims of Hurricane Katrina......."Find" or "Loot" as necessary...."Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome" style.