Thursday, October 5

We love fabulous gay men....

So if all these so called straight shooter left wing "closeted" bible-belt Republican males just embraced their desires and picked up a copy of Diana Ross' greatest hits...and a Barbara Streisand box set.....wouldn't life be grand. Although, the thought of Mark Foley, in drag....not so much.

The issue here, is not that this man is/was a closeted Republican, it's that he decided he likes, little soft "confused" boys, who are looking to be mentored, not molested. He decided to take advantage of a situation, instead of being a responsible grown gay male, who takes the time to DATE other grown gay males. Nothing wrong with that. Something way wrong with seducing young "confused" males who are probably only going along with it based on his position of "power." Sad...sad...sad....and disgusting. I mean if these boys ARE gay, would that old, ugly man be their first choice of a love interest.....hell no.

I'm sure the parents of these boys were so proud of their sons, so happy for the career path they were on. Then they learn, the career path was really just male prostitution. God help an old man who'd try that on an offspring of mine. I hope to raise a child who would take the inappropriate solicitation, first, to me and then, second, to eyewitness news. I can't imagine....What was Foley trying to create, a new legacy of confused Republican, molested males to take over Congress one day. What he did to these boys is beyond unfair, selfish and's beyond. Okay, so you have these thoughts and feelings towards little boys that you can't seem to control. Then move to a mountain and live alone or seek psychiatric help. You selfish bastard. Now you've got several boys who have to grow into men and function in society with the memory and public humiliation of some old stinky Congressman who took advantage of them. A vicious cycle of abuse.

It's funny how, because this guy is Republican...every excuse in the book is being brought to light for his sexual deviance...he was molested and yadda, yadda, yadda. And when Michael Jackson's dysfunction came out, nobody cared or excused his alleged inappropriate behavior with kids, whose own PARENTS dropped them off at grown ass Micheal Jackson's house. I wonder who molested Michael and if and when that comes to light, will he be excused for "unproven" lewd acts.

And oh how they are going on and on about....these, being, just text messages and Foley, never had sex with any of these boys. Of course he did. Maybe not all of them but at least one. Or some kind of inappropriate sexual act with a minor... of the same sex for God's sake. Come on. Denial really is a river in Egypt when a Republican's dirt is aired. If this guy was a democrat, he would've been exiled and dropped in the middle of the Sahara dessert. "They" would magically find old condoms and bottles of alcohol with leftover DNA from the teenage pages in the deviant democrats house. So I see why the wicked claim get away with doing a busload of grimy stuff. And if by chance, you do get matter how heinous the get a tiny slap on the hand to keep the public quiet and then you get a gift basket filled with chocolates and champagne as an apology for the public slap on the hand your cohorts were FORCED to give to appease the masses.

Outrageous!! But all things come to light. So I've said this before and I'll say it again and I feel the same way about myself....If you don't want anyone to know about some shady shit you're doing.....Don't do it. Because if one other human knows, rest assured, several know. And eventually you'll have to deal with whatever it is you were trying to hide or deny.

This man, Foley, makes enough money to go get therapy for his sick addiction. And that's what he shouldv'e done. But we live in a society where if you have enough power and money, you and several fools under you, will start to believe your own bullshit of...."Whatever I want I can have and whatever I want to do is okay" And with several yes men or women whispering behind your back but not telling you to your face how sick and disgusting you are never checked and the monster just grows and grows. This dude was really throwing stones in a glass house. Good for the Aide who ratted him out. I'm usually not a fan of rat finks, but I love a good shake up amongst the so called "Elite". This Foley guy is the elite of makes it right.

Money makes, extortion, adultery, child molestation, murder, mayhem, sodomy, R. Kelly, rape, and a slew of other wrong things....right.


I have to be a bit shallow and add what I just read....Foley has allegedley been involved in a long-term relationship with a dermatologist..Ummmmm....Foley's skin shows otherwise. So if this is true, either that is the worst dermatologist on earth or he didn't like his boyfriend very much.

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Sarah said...

The worst part is that some Republicans are calling for the whole Page program to be dismantled due to these circumstances....makes sense to me - punish all the kids because a few dirty old men don't have the will power to keep their hands to themselves. I hate Republicans....except Lincoln....he was aight