Friday, March 23

Thank God for the Ocean and Whitney Houston

This was the hardest work week of my life and the gracious and wonderful ending was finding this on You tube.

I didn't even know Whitney ever performed this beautiful gospel song that I only know through a Bebe & CeCe Winans album.
I officially love You tube for this discovery. I was trying to hate on it too.

Here'a a little rundown of me calling on the strength of my slave ancestors to make it through a WORK week, when I really just needed to spend the week baptizing my body, hair and soul in God's grand (carribbean) ocean.

This was the first year of the anniversary of my Grandmother's exit from this world..and I miss her even more.

I'm working on a NEW show with a NEW producer and we we're supposed to be shooting this week but the job pushed..meaning our 8 day shoot was delayed a week..meaning..we we're all in the office and I didn't have a moment. And I needed a thousand. Or at the very least we would've been busy on set. None of that happened.

And I spent this entire day trying to mask my heart-wrenching disappointment at being cut from attending the "Table Read". My first table read and such a wonderful thing for an aspiring writer to witness. DAYNA=DENIED and me being the emotional ball of madness I am, cried about it. And then had to hold it all in, once my boss and everybody else got back from it, tallking about how great it was. GOOD GOD!!!!

and the final kick in the gut...after a 13 hour day , I go out to my car to take this long ass drive home...NOTHING!!!!! My car is dead as a doornail. And I quickly realized how alone I really am out here in production land. Thånk goodness I'm a semi-cute damsel. Because , before I could really start going off on the Diva men in this industry who couldn't help me...A MAN, happily helped me. Not one I work with, but one who works on the lot. Thanks Todd, you are THE MAN. I just needed a jump. I left my lights on (like a dumbass). And all day, not one selfish bastard of an industry player thought to find the owner of the vehicle with the lights on. Please remind me to pay attention to humanity even when I'm a bigwhig showrunner..aight?

But I made it, it's over. My boss (who I do like a lot) just told me to go home. Tomorrow morning I will press the reset button with some rollerblading. I try not to rollerblade when I don't have medical coverage but....F&^% it!!!!

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